Selling Guidelines

Accurate & Honest Descriptions

Be as accurate as possible when describing your item and the condition of your item. Also, be honest about the slightest damage or wear and tear to avoid disappointments. For example, if the condition of your item is "Slightly Damaged", describe any defects in the listing. We would suggest taking a photo of the defect.

Please refrain from posting items that are stained or beyond repair.

Determining the Condition of your item:

  • Never worn
  • Worn once
  • Worn a few times/good condition
  • Slightly damaged

Be Descriptive

Make your title descriptive enough. If the Item is a designer lehenga, mention the designer in the title (e.g. Sabyasachi Red Lehenga), so that it includes all the keywords that are relevant to the item you are selling. This will attract more buyers.

Provide a detailed description by including the type of item, size, colour etc, to allow our search engine to pick up your item when members run their searches.

Be as specific as you can with the size and measurements of the item.

Right Price

Please keep in mind the following points: condition, desirability, and age of the item. Be careful not to overprice the item. If you are serious about recovering some of your money back on an item that is of no use to you, you need to set a realistic price in order to attract buyers.

Post Clear Images

We absolutely LOVE seeing great photography on We know that our shoppers get inspired by beautiful imagery, plus it helps to emphasise how amazing your clothing is too.

Photography Tips

  • Shoot in good natural light – preferably using window light.
  • Shoot against a plain wall.
  • Don’t retouch or add harsh filters to your shots.
  • Items may be shot on a mannequin or worn on you or a model. Shots can be taken from the neck down. If the above is not possible, please take photographs of the item hung up on a plain wall. (Take a frame down and hang the hanger on a hook rather than a door!).
  • We suggest that a minimum of 5 images are taken. Please see the images below as an example. These photos were taken by one of our clients using her phone camera.


The item must be shipped within 2 working days of the sale notification. It is suggested that the Seller post their item via Royal Mail - Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm Service or any other suitable tracked parcel courier service.

For help with shipping prices please visit:

Good Communication

Be responsive to questions about your item. Always be as pleasant and polite as you would want to be treated.

Be a Respectable Community Member

Please refrain from posting items that you would be embarrassed to sell or trade with a friend, e.g. a stained saree or a lehenga that has a tear in the blouse. Also, please make sure your item is clean before delivery.

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